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With world events being what they are, Our Mass Hysteria is still committed to providing you with quality fuzzy merchandise, even if our conventions have rolled into 2021!  Feel free to contact us about purchasing any of the fuzzy things in our video!  Thanks for your support!


The Beasts You Wear On The Outside

Our Mass Hysteria (OMH) was founded in 2011 and has been creating fine fursuits, costumes, and accessories ever since.  From adjustable ears to full bodysuits, OMH is proud to provide you with everything you need to bring your creation to life.


Our Work

Not only do we produce our accessories and suits in house, we also take them across the country to participate in conventions all over the U.S.  You might have already seen our brightly colored booth at one of your favorite conventions!  Take a look at our body of work to get a sample of what we love to create.


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Fabulous Fuzzworks for Fun and Frolics

Our store features accessories that are handmade by us here at OMH headquarters and shipped directly to you!


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