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Our Mass Hysteria Premade Suits

Accessible premade suits for beginners and veteran performers

 Our Mass Hysteria is proud to offer premade suits that are performance-ready from the get-go.  We craft each premade suit to be unique, interesting and just as characterful as our custom suits.

If you're interested in purchasing an available suit, feel free to contact us!

Premade Suits: Our Products

Hyena - Kilimanjaro ~*Sold*~

Laugh it up, fuzzball!

With his bright acrylic hand-painted eyes, molded and moving jaw, custom markings and claws, a suit like Kilimanjaro is no laughing matter.  Varying lengths of fur provide a visually distinctive, one-of-a-kind suit.

Suit 3_edited.jpg

Calico Cat - Sundae

Purr-fectly sweet

Sundae is a premade feline partial suit with hand-sewn Calico splotches and enchanting green eyes.  The moving jaw, natural fur colors and striking green eyes make this suit stand above the rest.


Red Fox - Crimson  ~*Sold*~

A Sneaky Skulk

Crimson is a red fox partial with custom airbrushed colorations and a fantastic natural look.  This red fox features semi-realistic follow-me eyes with the performer's vision set at the tear ducts.  The moving jaw features a resin fox tooth set as well.


Black Wolf - Shadow  ~*Sold*~

Only the shadow knows...

With alternating fur lengths and a canine grin, Shadow is a fantastic piece.  With semi-realistic eyes and amoving mouth, as well as ventilation through the nose, Shadow is both comfortable and versitile, as well as visually striking.  As expressive as he is mysterious, this wolf will appear as if from nowhere, then melt back into the shadows as if he was never there.


Timber Wolf ~*Sold*~

In the deep woods...

This dusky wolf features natural colors and piercing gold semi-realistic eyes.  The fur chosen for this piece features a dark underfur that gives it a very complex natural feel.  The jaw features movement as well as a custom-sculpted epoxy tooth set.

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