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Our Mass Hysteria Custom Suits

Custom creations for creative performers

We invite you to take a look at some of the great suits we've produced while you’re here on our site. Our Mass Hysteria is proud to offer all of our customers the variety you deserve when crafting your ideal suit. That’s why we’re happy to accommodate custom orders for any products that you don’t see on our regular inventory list. Send us an email and we’ll be happy to help.

Custom Suits: Our Products

Rusty the Gnoll - Our Mass Hysteria's Mascot

Rusty is a one of a kind gnoll, a wanderer and sword-for-hire.  The suit features a muscle suit underneath the fur, allowing Rusty to grow beyond his performer's size.  His jaw is articulated through the headpiece, and vision is through the mouth.

Rusty's muscle suit allows the fur to move atop it like skin, giving him a strong illusion of life.  Despite his appearance, he's a real sweety.

Mila (Maine Coon) - For Victoria

Mila is a fullbody digitigrade feline suit with tons of personality and charm.  Custom built to Victoria's specifications, the suit is based on a Maine Coon domestic feline - complete with furry 'pantaloons' found on the real-world animal, tufted ears, and alternating fur sizes.  The head features large green follow-me style eyes with performer view access through the tear ducts, and a movable jaw.

Iris the Deer - for Victoria

Meet colorful, beautiful Iris!  A custom deer head commission by Luminary, Iris features a static jaw, custom barette, custom eyelashes and hand-painted eyes with a follow-me effect.  Vision is placed at the eyes.

Bloodstar (Turkish Angora) - for Bluefeather

Bloodstar is a striking white-and-red turkish angora partial suit with vision placed at the tear tucts, as well as acrylic eyes with a follow-me effect and a movable jaw!  Bloodstar comes with head, handspaws, tail, feetpaws, and armsleeves!

Jairmee - Custom Fox

Meet Jairmee!  This colorful tod features a moving jaw, follow-me eyes, and digitigrade legs.

Val the Snow Leopard

Meet Val!  A custom snow leopard fullsuit featuring a moving jaw, digitigrade legs, follow-me eyes and a long tail - perfect for nibbles!

Dovu (Lion) - For Dovu Libertus

Dovu is a kingly digitigrade feline with more than enough personality to fill any court.  Featuring a luxurious mane of wefted hair and a moving jaw, Dovu's head is very expressive.  The rich natural colors cut an impressive sight, as does the tufted tail and striking green eyes, with visibility for his performer regulated through the tear ducts.

Kyra - For Codi

A custom feline suit, Kyra features striking amber eyes and a white mantle, as well as custom sewn-in markings; her head features a moving jaw and vision though the tear ducts, as well as tufted ears.  This digitigrade suit also features outdoor-friendly footpaws and custom handpaws.

SabreKatz - For Eddie

What can be said of this smiling smilodon?  Each stripe is individually hand-sewn into the bodysuit for the most effective look.  The deluxe head features tufted ears, semi-realistic LED-lit eyes, and of course the long, curved smilodon fangs.  He's nice, we swear!

Ker'Varkas - For Carin

Ker'Varkas is a heavily detailed suit, built with the intent of memorializing a beloved pet; the colors and markings on Ker'Varkas are accomplished by custom aribrushing as well as hand sewing; this digitigrade suit has a detailed musculature, which is located on the neoprene undersuit - the fur glides over the top, like skin, giving a realistic and life-like motion.  The suit features a deluxe head with semi-realistic eyes, ventilation through the nostrils, a moving jaw, and performer vision through the tear ducts.

Nilla Bean - for Amber

Nilla is a custom fullsuit with big personality and a cute style that makes her easy to love!  With custom spots, custom tail and posable antennae, she's a lot of fun!

Sohashi - For Nick

Sohashi is a custom digitigrade white tiger with hand-sewn green stripes, with bright and colorful toony-style eyes and a moving jaw.

Bonnie (Chow/Grizzly) - for abbie

Bonnie is a chow chow/grizzly mix with a ton of fun options and a super snuggly shape.  The dropped crotch design gives her a longer torso and smaller-appearing digitigrade legs - it also brings her custom curled chow tail into focus!  Her custom markings, including a star on her forehead, really pop against the natural colored fur.  The deluxe head features stylized eyes and a detachable tongue.

Merffle - For Merffle

A companion partial suit for Bonnie, Merffle enjoys enhanced freedom of movement due to the lack of a bodysuit.  The armsleeves help the wearer integrate their suit into everyday wear for a step into the unreal!  Merffle features a deluxe head with semi-realistic eyes and a moving jaw, as well as a custom mohawk and custom claws.

Tallara (Thylacine / Chinese Dragon)

Tallara is a striking digitigrade suit with an incredible personality!  The deluxe head features a torso-length mohawk, connecting to, and terminating at the end of, the tufted tail with hand-sewn stripes, also seen on the back and sides.  Tallara's toony-style eyes, prominent antlers and moving jaw round out this expressive suit.

Briar (Custom Lion)

Briar is a custom partial lion suit featuring bright colors and a royal countenance.  With semi realistic eyes and a moving jaw, the Briar suit is completed with a custom striped tail, multicolored armsleeves and paws.

Lonewolf - for Alisha

Lonewolf is a tremendous force in a small package.  With big toony-styled, bright green eyes contrasting with the beautiful natural fur colors, this plantigrade suit will grab your attention.  The deluxe head features vision through the eyes and a moving jaw.

Techwolf - For Alisha

A companion suit to Lonewolf, Techwolf is a fun plantigrade suit with big brown eyes and a winning smile.  The deluxe head is topped with custom headfur.

The Missing Lynx - For Morgan

This lynx makes for a stunning partial suit.  The natural markings are airbrushed with care for a one of a kind look.  The deluxe head features semi-realistic eyes with performer's vision through the tear ducts, as well as a moving jaw.

Luna Wolf - For Luna

This deluxe head featuresd custom markings, expressive toony-style eyes, and a custom headfur on top, as well as a moving jaw.  The eyes have a follow-me quality to them for extra expression!

Custom Suits: Pro Gallery
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