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Our Mass Hysteria Custom Art

Custom artwork for reference and more

Our custom art is applicable to many projects.  See a few examples of our work below!


 Be it reference sheets, character portraits or themed pieces, we're happy to create the art you need.

Sohashi Battle - Traditional Art - for Sohashi

A dramatic shot of Sohashi as he faces off against a horde of Hollows! 

Traditional media, hand-drawn custom art by Luminary!  Watercolor/Colored pencil on Bristol, 8'x10'..  Sohashi is owned by Nick.


Case Fursuit Reference - for Jairmee

A reference for building a Case fursuit!  Case is owned by Jairmee and artwork was created by Frisket of OurMassHysteria.


Case Character Reference - for Jairmee

A character reference for Case the deer by Frisket!  Case is owned by Jairmee.


Case Character Emotes - for Jairmee

A set of emotions and expressions for Case the Deer, a custom character by Jairmee!


Custom Kobold Characters - for Kobold Coterie

A set of three custom kobolds for Kobold Coterie!  Art by Frisket!


Custom Little League Heraldry - For Brian

A custom mascot for a local little league team!  Go Dragons!  Art by Frisket


Custom Character Reference - for zella

A custom character reference for Zella!  Art by Frisket!


Custom Badge - Crimson

A custom badge for Crimson!  Art by Frisket


Custom Character Reference (Gypsy) - for Redtail

A character reference for Gypsy!  Art by Frisket!


Custom Badge - For JellyBean

A custom badge for Jellybean!  Art by Frisket!


Custom Character Reference - For Redtail

A custom character reference for Redtail!  Art by Frisket!

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